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In most US States, law-abiding residents not only have the right to self defense, but also have access to the most effective tools for self defense, and the right to carry them concealed after receiving proper training. Training for Life, LLC is dedicated to providing that training, and more.

Alex can be reached at

 Demonstrating a New York reload in response to a double feed malfunction during a Close Range Gunfighting class.

NY reload Alex

Some recent comments from satisfied students:

This is a must have for anyone that is serious about their skill set. I have had vehicle training in the past with another school and called BS on some of their “tactics”. I can say I learned a lot of useful and realistic skill with Alex this weekend. As always he kept us safe and learning. This program requires some drawing and engaging from odd positions, that requires the teacher to keep us safe but learning and practicing, Alex did great with all of it with the extra help of JD it went smoothly and quickly.

– Eric Galloway on Intro to Vehicle Gunfighting

Great class. Lots of good information. Plenty of shooting. This is my second class with Alex. He is an excellent instructor. Calm, thorough, knowledgeable, and very observant. He picks up on little details that will improve your shooting. I would highly recommend this class.

– Ben on Intro to Vehicle Gunfighting

A well-deserved THANK YOU to JD & Alex for a very well-done job! It isn’t easy to tag-team as smoothly as they did sharing the duties and making everything run so well. Both guys are knowledgeable and, more importantly, have the ability to convey that information to the student. 

– “Eldora” on CRG-2

Alex is a better left-handed instructor than all of the REAL left-handed instructors I have trained with! I want a refund from those other guys.

– G.B. on CRG-2

All of the explanations are clear, concise and easy to understand, and more importantly, easy to retain. I learned a great deal of useful information that I can use in future endeavors as well as learning more about my firearms

– Matt on Intro to Team Tactics

Their obvious expertise aside, JD and Alex are extremely courteous and friendly guys which makes the class that much better, and will keep me coming back for training.

– “BigT5g” on Intro to Team Tactics

I will start by saying that I have attended a lot of Suarez classes. All of the classes have been information filled and of great benefit to the student. The fighting in structures class I just attended was absolutely the best class so far!!

– “Patriot62” on CQB-Fighting in Structures

This was an awesome class. Helped me learn a lot and also see what I really need to work on as well as some changes that will be good to make to my gear. The instructors were great as well as all the other students.

– “heavyliftn” on Rifle Gunfighting

My husband is a firearms instructor. I’ve learned more from you today than from him in the past 27 years!

– J.L. on the South Carolina CWP course

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  1. Mark permalink
    May 9, 2010 12:01 pm

    do you offer the NRA pistol course for home protection. My wife and I have recently completed the basic pistol and cwp courses and want to move forward.


    Mark and Cindy

  2. Alex permalink*
    May 11, 2010 10:41 pm

    Mark & Cindy:

    Thank you for taking responsibility for your personal safety.

    I’m certified to teach the NRA Personal Protection in the Home course, but I don’t currently have any of these courses scheduled. I’d be happy to add one to my schedule on a mutually convenient date if that is the course you really want. Please contact me by email:

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