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Glock 42 high capacity magazine test

November 12, 2014

I recently got the chance to test a Glock 42 magazine that holds 1 more round than normal thanks to MagGuts magazine internals. This means the total capacity is increased from 6+1 to 7+1 without any increase in overall dimensions! I fired 50 rounds of Tula .380 with zero magazine-induced malfunctions. If it works with Tula, all other ammo should work as well.

Thanks to Eric Galloway with Galloway Precision for the use of the magazine.

Buyer beware: CWP instructor arrested, charged with perjury, permits revoked

September 30, 2014

This Monday, Andrew A. Gajadhar of Columbia, SC was arrested for selling CWP training certificates without providing the required training. He has been charged with 29 counts of perjury. Apparently, this had been going on for years, and over 350 permits from 27 different counties are being revoked.

Here is the press release issued by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division:…ss/SNP0766.pdf

My next CWP course dates are on October 26 and November 1. It may take all day, but you’ll learn a lot of useful stuff, and get to shoot as well.

CWP course added for November

September 30, 2014

November 2: CWP Course

CWP course scheduled for October.

September 21, 2014

My next CWP course will be on October 26. Full details here.

How to get shot by the police

August 21, 2014

The young gentleman in this video clearly should have paid more attention to the Chris Rock video I posted earlier:

Holding  a knife while advancing on a police officer yelling “Shoot Me!” is a pretty good way of making sure you get shot by the police.

Edited to add:

November 2014 classes

August 19, 2014

November 8: Defensive Pistol Marksmanship

November 9: Defensive Shotgun

November 8 & 9: Defensive Pistol Marksmanship and Defensive Shotgun Value Class ($50 off)

Public service announcement

August 19, 2014

An oldie but goodie that once again seems terribly appropriate.

Language warning.

CWP course added for August

July 16, 2014

August 2014

Sunday, August 17: CWP Course

Glock 42

July 15, 2014

The Glock 42 is a real winner. These were my first 5 shots of the day, and only my second time shooting a Glock 42. It’s safe to say that all of your Glock skills will immediately transfer to this little Glock. This is a half-size IPSC target at 40 yards.


Video from recent IDPA match

July 14, 2014

I really liked this stage.