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Stopping Power

December 16, 2008

LawDog meditates on stopping power:

It doesn’t matter how big a hole the bullet makes … if you don’t carry the gun that fires it.

It doesn’t matter how fast that bullet is going … if you never practice with the gun that fires it.

If you are fighting for your life, having a gun and knowing how to use it vastly improves your chances of survival. A 9 mm mouse gun like the Kahr PM9 in your pocket will do, provided you are proficient with it. If that’s still too big, a .22 mini-revolver in your pocket will have to do, provided you have practiced with it. The .45 MasterBlaster in your safe that you never carry because it’s too heavy and never fire because it’s too expensive, however, will merely make a nice heirloom.

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