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Home Invasion Averted

February 15, 2009

On February 5, 2009 four criminals attempted a home invasion in broad daylight in Tucson, AZ. Unfortunately for them, the home owner they selected as their target apparently takes his safety seriously, and not only had security cameras around his house, but also had rapid access to a loaded handgun. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, he was able to fight off his attackers. The whole thing was captured on his security cameras and is now available for your education.

“The victim was able to get back inside his house, close his door, semi barricade it, reach for [a] weapon that was easily accessible,” says Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Earl Gieron. The homeowner shot at the suspects. He even put a bullet through the windshield of the suspects car, which is also caught on camera. The four men retreated and took off. All of them remain on the run.

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