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Don’t Rob the Pizzeria Either

April 13, 2009

In Akron Ohio, a man wearing an orange ski mask and carrying a sawed off shotgun stormed into a home owned pizza shop demanding money. John Hayes, the owner, complied, handing over a stack of ten dollar bills. The robber wanted more and Mr. Hayes found himself looking down the barrel of a deadly weapon. Then, the criminal looked away from the shop owner for a fraction of a second. The shop owner drew his concealed handgun and saved his life by shooting his attacker in the chest.

Note that the unlike the big chain pizzerias, Mr. Hayes allows his delivery driver to also carry an effective self-defense tool:

“People don’t care. They take $100 and don’t give a s***. They don’t want to be identified and so they kill you.” he says. “I’m not going to be killed for $100.”

Self-defense works. Carry.

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