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Personal Protection in the Home in OK

December 12, 2009

Xavier has all the details on this story, including the entire 32-minute 911 call.

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  1. December 26, 2009 12:34 pm

    I am 63 years old and very active. I don’t look 63 and s lot of the home repairs, even when I was married. I was married for 38 years, and was divorced in 2008. I used to hunt with a 12 and 20 gauge shot gun for quail and doves. I have shot 22 pistol and rifle. I have a 38 short barrel or subnose(??), and I have targe practiced with it, with no sucess. I purchased a 9mm S&W at Shooters Choise in approximatey 2005. I tried two styles of the 9mm and they said I was best suited for the S&W. I have never fired my S&W and I don’t know how to dis-assemble the unit for cleaning. I was granted our house, where we lived, which is out in the country. My neighbors are not real close. I would like to be able to carry my gun, because I have to maintain my property Pastures, and we have wild dogs and coyotes. Also, I work and do not have a dog. I do not want to keep a dog in a kennel crate all day, that’s not good for the dog. I property is not fences in and it would to expensive to have a fence installed just for the dog. I would also like to carry my gun in the car when I go on antique hunting with my girl friend, which is mostly out of town, or go visit my brothers which are in Virginia. I would like to know if this course would be what I need, along with the cost of this training.
    If the couse is right for me do I bring my gun and how much ammo would I need to bring. Since Work, I would like a training course on the weekend.
    Now, do you think I am wrong wanting this concealed weapons course?


    • trainingforlifellc permalink*
      December 26, 2009 1:21 pm

      Reply sent via email.

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