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Women And Guns

December 31, 2009

Massad Ayoob opines:

Most firearms instructors agree that women have a faster learning curve than men in this discipline. They tend to have better fine motor coordination, as a rule, and pulling a trigger without deviating the muzzle off target is most definitely a fine motor skill. Their biggest advantage is that they are not born believing that because of their gender, they automatically know how to do something masculine. I’ve found that the female student more than the male wants to know, not just “how do you do that?” but “why do you do it that way?” With a proper explanation, she follows instructions, finds the results good, and moves on. With some of the males—not all, certainly, but some—the reaction is, “Ungawa! If Mongo do what instructor say, Mongo become ‘beta’ and instructor become ‘alpha.’ I, MONGO, am alpha! Mongo must keep doing it Mongo’s way! Ungawa!” It’s like de-programming cult victims sometimes…

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