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February IDPA Match

February 28, 2010

The February IDPA match at the Mid Carolina Rifle Club saw a turnout of 52 shooters, and featured 5 stages that would have felt right at home in a state match. Several new IDPA competitors and several Training for Life graduates attended. Here’s video of two of the stages:

Video is a useful after action assessment tool: sticking my Glock through the ports on stage 4 was NOT part of my plan. I was happy with how much I was able to adapt on stage 4: one of my first two shots was not optimal, but I made up for that by re-engaging the first target before leaving that port.

On stage 5, I decided to shoot the first three targets three times instead of the required two times. Maybe not the best match strategy, but let’s face it: shooting IDPA is fun! If you’ve brought the ammo, why not use it?

Other things of interest:

1. I heard that one shooter had a malfunction immediately after he hit the left pepper popper on stage 4, activating the dual disappearing charger targets. Avoiding malfunctions is as good a reason as any to stay away from ports and other pieces of cover. I hope this shooter had been practicing his malfunction drills…

2. A 2nd generation Glock 23 shed the very tip of its striker, effectively turning it into a short club until a new striker is installed. This just goes to show that everything man-made, including Glocks, is subject to breakage. That’s one of the reasons why it’s useful to carry a back-up gun, even if you already carry a normally uber-reliable Glock as your primary handgun.

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