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We’re gonna party with you!

July 18, 2010

Last Sunday, I taught another CWP course. One of my students had a heart-warming story, and has agreed to let me share it.

One night, she was putting groceries in her car in the parking lot of her village’s only grocery store when four “youths” approached her. One of them said: “We’re gonna party with you!” She pulled a small Beretta from her car, and asked: “Which one of you wants to die first?” They left without another word.

I like uncomplicated stories with happy endings.

This incident, like many defensive firearm uses in which the mere presence of a gun in the hands of the innocent stopped the criminals in their tracks, went unreported. In stark contrast, WLTX recently published the story of an accdidental shooting by a child all the way from Los Angeles. Apparently, if it bleeds it leads, but if it doesn’t bleed it may not get reported at all.

Here’s the kicker though: the gun was unloaded because she didn’t feel comfortable with it. Nothing is as scary as the unknown, so I can certainly understand that. I hope she’s feeling more comfortable with the presence of loaded guns after taking my course, and will return for even more practice and trianing,  just in case the bad guys are even dumber next time she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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