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September 15, 2010


ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) – An Orangeburg woman is bruised, but not defeated after being attacked by a robber.

It happened in broad daylight as 66-year-old Christine Hollar was cleaning a rental property she owns.

Hollar says a masked man tackled her and put his knees in her back. Then she says he repeatedly slammed her head into the ground and pistol-whipped her.

Even with blood all over her, this fiery Scottish native did not back down. She says the man opened her car to steal her purse and she chased after him.

“So I decided I was going to jump him, which I did,” said Hollar. “I slammed the door into him so hard that he bolted out and ran down the alley way and I ran after him.”

But if the man tries to attack her again, he should consider this his warning. “I am going to get a gun, so if he comes after me again, I’m going to be certified and I’m going to get a permit and I’m going to shoot him,” said Hollar.

What can we learn from this incident? Three things jump out at me:

1. Mindset is more important than physical strength.

2. Bad things happen to good people in “safe” places.

3. The time to get serious about your personal protection is now, not after your first attack.

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