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IDPA Rules Addendum

November 21, 2010

IDPA has released a 10-page addendum to its rulebook. The really good news about this addendum is that it explicitly allows the use of Glock 17 magazines with Glock 19s. Previously, some clubs were saying this was not IDPA legal, because the magazine did not fit flush with the bottom of the magazine well.

Carrying a spare Glock 17 magazine if you carry a Glock 19 makes a LOT of sense. Here are the advantages:

  1. Two extra rounds (17 rounds vs. 15 rounds)
  2. The longer magazine makes it easier to seat the magazine all the way.
  3. It is no longer possible to pinch the skin on the palm of the hand gripping the gun between the bottom of the magazine well and the base pad of the magazine. (Ask me how I know about this….)

The disadvantage – or so I’ve heard – is that if the gun is at slide lock, it’s possible to push the magazine into the gun so hard that it damages the gun and/or magazine. I can’t really see how you’d do that if you reload like you should, but I guess it’s possible if you smack the base of the magazine as hard as you can AFTER you have already seated it.

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