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Force on Force Gunfighting: October 15-16

October 2, 2011

During the Vietnam War, the Air Force found that the first ten combat missions a pilot flew were by far the most dangerous. A pilot who survived the first ten missions was likely to survive his entire tour. In response, the Air Force created Red Flag, a program where aircrew could fly those first ten missions in a realistically simulated training environment. Would you rather your first gunfight was against a thug armed with a live weapon, or a fellow student armed with an airsoft gun? 

 On October 15-16, Suarez International Tier 1 Staff Instructor Randy Harris will be teaching Force on Force Gunfighting in Columbia, SC. In Force on Force Gunfighting we can give you those first ten gunfights, and more, in a realistically simulated training environment. In this class we take things further than we can in even our most advanced live fire pistol classes. The most advanced footwork, all the lines of movement, tactics for use against gun and knife wielding adversaries. We can show you not only what works, but why and how it works against a living, breathing adversary. What’s more, you can take the role of that adversary and see just how effective these techniques are. There’s nothing better for your mindset in a real fight than the confidence that comes from experience.

Register here.

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