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What is the Suarez International System?

November 20, 2011

Dr. John Meade, SI Director of Tactical Medicine, just posted this on Warriortalk. I thought it was worth sharing here.

In another thread, an SI alumnus said this:

The S.I. system with a instructor like XXX gives anyone who is willing to take their courses the necessary foundation to protect your loved ones and keep you in the fight.

I replaced the instructor’s name, not because he doesn’t deserve praise (trust me, he does!), but because that is the beauty of the “SI System”—you can replace his name with another, and get the same result!

Granted, every person has certain strengths and weaknesses. That is normal and reality. However, the SI class curricula are designed in a very specific manner, so that the instructors know exactly what sorts of skills need to be taught, and in a stepwise fashion. We teach you skills and mindset, so that you can understand not only what to do, but WHY!

The SI program is also very integrated. The classes are essentially interlocked. If you take CRG from another SI instructor, and then take my TMCO class, you will see that I teach the gun stuff just like you learned in CRG, and then expand and extend certain skills. If you then go take a rifle class, you will see the same sorts of movements, mental concepts and skills extended into the rifle world. This is not a coincidence—It is all planned!

Recently, we have added in the SI Authorized Training Groups. In the TG’s, you get together with a group of other SI alumni, and work for several hours with an SI instructor to fine-tune your skills in some specific areas. You take what you learned in class, and are able to have the instructor coach you to perfection. How cool is that?!

So that is why the student speaks of the “SI System”. We have an entire set of classes, across the entire spectrum of the fight, that all work together to help make you a complete warrior. Not too shabby, huh?

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