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CRG Course Scheduled in March

December 30, 2011

Which is more important to you in a gunfight: shooting the bad guy, or not getting shot yourself?

Learn how to win the fight without getting shot in the Suarez International Close Range Gunfighting class on March 17-18. We’ll cover the fundamentals of getting off the X, essential point shooting, and how to take advantage of your adversary’s OODA loop. We take you through a gunfight from beginning to end, from the bad guy’s victim selection process to dealing with the police after the fight. This is the class that all of our other intermediate and advanced pistol classes build on. Taking CRG will satisfy the prerequisite for the 0–5 Feet class in April, as well as qualifying you to attend our alumni events.

There is no prerequisite for CRG, but it is not for the novice shooter.  You don’t need to be a crack shot, but safe, solid gun handling skills are essential. If in doubt, ask.

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