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Motorist shot after following 911 operator’s instructions

April 5, 2012–abc-news-topstories.html

This Sunday morning, a motorist reports a road-rage encounter in Denver to 9-1-1. The dispatcher tells him to return to the scene of the incident, where he is subsequently shot.

Ernie Franssen, the Denver 911 operations manager, apologized for the incident during a news conference Monday.

“We’re absolutely apologetic for the circumstances of the call,” Franssen told KMGH. “We want to give due diligence to the employee and make sure that we did or didn’t follow the policies as they are written, and we want to take a look and listen to it ourselves and be able to speak to the employee.”

I’m sure that’s making the murdered motorist’s family feel a whole lot better. Not.

We cover dealing with 911 operators during our training courses.

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