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TSD Combat Systems Red Dot School

August 4, 2012

TSD red dot pistols are the state of the art in combat handguns. Suarez International training is the state of the art in personal combat. Now we’re offering the ultimate fusion of the two. On October 20–21, TSD Combat Systems is offering our Red Dot Pistol Gunfighting class at three separate venues: Las Vegas, Nevada; Liberty Hill, Texas; and Winchester, Virginia. This class will teach you to use your TSD pistol across the entire spectrum of distances and threats: 100 yard shots against active shooters, seven yard eyeball shots in a proactive gunfight, and point shooting at bad breath distances. This class will teach you to take full advantage of the most capable pistol platform in the world.


This class is open to anyone with a red dot equipped pistol. If you don’t have a red dot pistol, a limited number of loaner guns are available for $50. Those who have purchased a red dot pistol or slide from TSD Combat Systems are eligible for a $100 discount on the class. Whether you’ve bought a complete pistol, purchased one of our slides, or sent your own slide in to be milled, you are eligible for the reduced price. You must enroll over the phone to get the discount.

Call 928-776-4492 to enroll at the discounted price for TSD pistol owners!

Click to enroll in the Virginia, Texas, or Nevada classes!

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