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The Evil, The Ignorant, The Delusional, and The Children

January 30, 2013

I meant to write a post listing the reasons people support gun control, but I see that SI Staff Instructor Roger Phillips has already done it. Here is his post, reproduced in full with his permission:

The Evil, The Ignorant, The Delusional, and The Children

By Roger Phillips – SI Staff Instructor

I know some people are going to disagree with the tone of this article. Many people on the same side of the gun control issue as me are going to say that resorting to name calling is not the way to go. But when you look at how effective the same tactic has been used against the pro-gun supporters, it raises question about how efficient and effective our strategy and tactics have actually been. Pro-gun people have successfully been demonized by the anti-gun crowd and that crowd can be divided up into three groups, The Evil, The Ignorant, and The Delusional.

The Evil

The very worst of the three groups are The Evil. These are the people who have been voted in as public servants and who have sworn to uphold The Constitution. Yet, at every opportunity these evil servants have broken their oath and have time and time again voted themselves more power while taking the power away from those that they have sworn to serve. Often these evil moves come from a position of elitism. They believe that they are better than the people that they serve. They believe that they are smarter than the people that they serve. They believe that they and their families are more important than those that they swore to serve. They act as if they are doing what is best for us, all the while looting the people that they serve of their rights and their freedoms. They have one goal in mind and that is to grab as much power as they can for themselves and the government that they serve……….yes, the government that they serve. See, The Evil do not serve the people, they serve themselves and they serve the government. They do not care about the people and to the exact same extent they do not care about The Children. How can The Evil ones care about The Children when they make it more and more difficult for a parent to protect their children, all the while guaranteeing armed security for their own children. This hypocrisy and elitism is the ultimate form of obvious evil.

It is an elitist attitude that reeks of a “I do not care if your children die due to your inability to protect them, but I will assure that my children are safe from the evils of this world” stench.

The problem with this attitude is the fact that these elitist hypocrites are the ultimate evil in this world. They want to convince The Ignorant and The Delusional that they care about children being killed when in fact they are actually creating a situation where even more children can possibly be killed. Most politicians are educated and know the history of America, The Constitution, and the historical evils that tyrannical governments have perpetuated on their people. Far more children have been killed by tyrannical governments than by mentally ill people with assault weapons. Those numbers are not even close. But once again it is not about “for the children” it is about using a tragedy to grab the power and when the public servants grab power for themselves, inherently that obtained power goes to the government.

The Founding Fathers put The Second Amendment in place to protect the people from a tyrannical government and our public servants know that. A vote for gun control from our public servants is a vote for a tyrannical government, a vote against the Constitution, and a vote against our children. This is an undeniable evil and this evil is being perpetrated right now in this country. I am not saying that there is going to be a genocide committed against the people of this country tomorrow. What I am saying is that things are being put into place here that have been put into places in the past that has led to a number of the most heinous genocides that this world as ever seen. These are historical facts and if you do not believe them you may want to do some research on gun control and the genocides that have followed. If you cannot rattle off at least five genocides of the past, that followed strict gun control, your knowledge level may need a quick update. The information is out there for those that actually want to find it.

Obviously, The Evil cannot do this all on their own, they need help from a very large group of useful idiots. These useful idiots can be public servants, the media, and the public at large. They may or may not fall in the category of The Evil because they may not be smart enough/knowledgeable enough to understand the evil that they perpetrate. But even so, they are still on the side of evil and the tools of evil. These people fall into two groups, The Ignorant and The Delusional.

The Ignorant

The word “ignorance” is not an insult. Every one of us is ignorant about something. The Ignorant can be ignorant in many forms, but inside of this topic the three greatest forms of their ignorance comes down a lack of knowledge of American History, American Government, and World History.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” George Santayana

The Ignorant have their ignorance used against them. But that can be curtailed by gaining the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions. The Evil want The Ignorant to remain ignorant so that they can keep using them as the tools of evil. If The Evil can convince The Ignorant that The Founding Fathers were bumbling buffoons that did not understand the advancement of technology, then The Ignorant can be convinced that The Founding Fathers did not see the advent of assault rifles. If The Evil can convince The Ignorant that The Second Amendment had nothing to do with making sure that the people can protect themselves from a tyrannical government, then The Ignorant would not mind Americans being disarmed. If The Evil can convince The Ignorant that just because the government disarmed its people does not make it a tyrannical government, then The Ignorant would not fear having Americans disarmed.

Ignorance can also be taken advantage of when crime statistics of disarmed societies are not spoken of. There is not one case of guns being taken and crime statistics not climbing. Criminals fear an armed public and as soon as it becomes a crime to own guns or to use a gun in self defense the criminal element ramps up its attacks on the unarmed law abiding people. These are all facts that can be found if The Ignorant want to move past being used as the tools of evil.

The Evil prey on The Ignorant. They lie and they deceive. They use and they abuse. The number of ignorant, throughout world history, that have helped The Evil commit unspeakable forms of brutality and genocide on their own people is astounding. Imagine the pain and the guilt of that betrayal. Imagine believing that you were doing the right thing (for the children) due to ignorance, only to find that you were on the side of evil all along and many more children paid with their lives due to your ignorance. That reality would have to be a fate worse than death. This is possibly happening right now in this country. Things are being put into motion that can possibly lead to a tyrannical government ruling this country with an iron fist. I believe this to the extent that I am concerned about even writing this article.

Ignorance is not a curse, ignorance is not a death sentence, ignorance is something that can be eliminated with an open mind and the search for “the truth.” The Ignorant are like the undecided voter. They are the ones that will be the deciding factor in this gun control issue. They are the ones that will decide the childrens’ fate. Do we throw the baby out with the bath water and put into motion the likelihood of America turning into a tyrannical government? Or do we look at the facts of gun violence against the children and understand that a mentally ill individual with an assault rifle is not near the threat level of The Evil and a tyrannical government.

The Delusional

While the ignorance can be educated, The Delusional cannot. The Delusional are those that do not deal or live in reality. They are the ones that believe that all guns can be rounded up and that would be the end of the threat against our children. They believe that a “gun free zone” should extend throughout this country and that that is the only answer to gun violence. This level of delusiveness completely baffles and escapes me. It is as if there is a form of mental illness that perpetuates an utopian dream that will simply never be part of the human experience. Man has perpetrated evil on man throughout the history of man and that is not going to change any time soon. The only people that comply with gun control laws are the good people. Evil people will not comply (and that is why the evil public servants have excluded themselves from the gun control laws.) That would mean that the vast majority of the people that still had guns would be evil people. What part of this do they not understand? What level of delusiveness would you have to be in order to believe such obvious impossibilities? Are they really so blinded by their delusions and their lack of rational thought that they are unable to see the facts of gun confiscation throughout the world, the effects on crime soaring, the historical governmental abuses, and genocide?

The only other group of people that would still have guns would be the good people that are willing to go to jail for the rest of their lives in order to protect their loved ones/children.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

I am pretty sure that the delusional do not understand the above quote due to their obvious lack of rational thinking. But, what we are talking about is a willingness to do anything to protect our loved ones and especially The Children.

I am sick and tired of The Evil, The Ignorant, and The Delusional using “for the children” as their excuse to destroy America. It is you…….The Evil, The Ignorant, and The Delusional that perpetrate and perpetuate the evil that endangers The Children and The Grand Children. Do not come at me with your outright lies, your fabrications, your agenda manipulation, and your politicizing of a tragedy to further your evil intent. You can preach your lie “for the children” but there is only one side of this fight that is truly about The Children and it is not the side of the Evil, The Ignorant, and The Delusional.

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