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Good quote

February 1, 2013

A good quote from this thread on WarriorTalk.

Guns are only a symbol of the true divide – individual freedom and independence.

Guns symbolize a distrust of big government and the nanny-state. Gun owners generally, stereo-typically if you will, see themselves as independent, free men (and women) who choose their own course through life. Choosing to own firearms, whether to hunt (providing food) or for protection purposes (from crime or tyranny) is an intellectual extension of that choice – their independence.

The gun-grabbers on the other hand, see guns as a symbol of rejection of that which they believe is right and true. On an intellectual level, removing firearms from society, except for those in the hands of “the State”, is a means of ensuring compliance with their ideology. However, there is a deeply emotional level too for them, since a rejection of their ideology is perceived as a rejection of them individually and collectively.

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