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PTR Industries moving to South Carolina

August 13, 2013

PTR Industries will be moving to the Myrtle Beach area. PTR is the maker of the PTR-91 rifle, a semi-automatic .308 rifle based on the H&K G3 design. I got to fire one last year, and it worked very well. Apparently, PTR likes the regulatory and tax climate in South Carolina better than in Connecticut. Welcome, PTR!

This is from the PTR website:

Although PTR is NOT CURRENTLY HIRING, and has not determined the positions for which we will post job openings, we encourage all who are interested in future employment with our company to reach out to the following contact:

Brenda England
SC Works Area Manager, WRCOG
Office: 843.546.8581
TTY: 711

Brenda will be compiling resumes and information so that once PTR is ready to post jobs and begin interviews we will have an organized listing of folks who are interested.

Jobs openings that are LIKELY to be posted:
CNC Programmer/Operator
Product Assembly Staff
Quality Inspection
Maintenance Staff (Factory/Equipment/Grounds)
Office Personnel
Security Personnel

Thank you for your interest!

-PTR Management

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