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This Christmas, give the gift of marksmanship!

December 10, 2013

Still looking for gift ideas this Christmas? Why not give the gift of marksmanship?

On Sunday, March 16, I will be teaching a 1-day Handgun Proficiency Course at the Mid Carolina Rifle Club.

Do you know someone who…

  • Has grown up hunting, but is just plain uncomfortable around handguns?
  • Has taken their CWP course, but done little or no shooting since then?
  • Would like to take a CWP course, or more advanced training, but wants to improve their handgun skills first?
  • Has taught himself to shoot handguns, but really could use some instruction given the current cost of ammo?
  • Used to shoot handguns, but has not done so in a loooong time?
  • Is a complete novice without any bad habits, who needs a good foundation to build on?

This course is perfect for all of them! Handgun safety, handling, and marksmanship will all be covered. Pistols AND revolvers are welcome. Handguns, ammo, holsters, and any other necessary loaner gear can be made available by prior arrangement for any students that don’t have them.

The cost of this course is only $150 before January 1st, and $175 after that. Gift certificates are available! As an additional bonus, graduates of this course will receive a discount on any training courses that I have on the calendar at the end of the course.

While there is no guarantee that we will have good weather, by mid-March the weather should be beautiful again. The class will start at 9 AM and end at 5 PM.

Email to get the enrollment forms and gift certificates.

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