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Sandy Hook: 1 year later

December 15, 2013

I was in Mexico when the Sandy Hook shooting happened. When I came back to the US a week later, I returned to a changed country: political posturing in the aftermath had pushed demand for rifles, pistols, magazines, and ammo to unprecedented heights. Supply just could not keep up with demand, even at the inflated prices, and shortages ensued. Now, almost exactly one year later, prices have come back down to almost pre-Sandy Hook levels (with the exception of .22 Long Rifle ammo), and availability is once again plentiful. At the height of the craziness, .223 went for up to 99 cents per round. Now it is back down to as low as 36 cents per round. This Black Friday, I saw cases of 100 rounds of Magpul 30-round magazines go for less than $9/magazine. They all sold out, by the way.

America’s worst and most powerful enemies, who usually, but not always, can be recognized by the (D) behind their names were thankfully unable to use this tragedy to ramrod more of their anti-gun legislation through at the national level. I say “thankfully”, because the proposed legislation would not have made a bit of difference at Sandy Hook. There are ways to make our schools more secure, but inconveniencing law-abiding armed Americans even more is not one of those ways.

For example, I recall an incident in Germany, where an attacker used a home-made flame thrower. Even if the anti-gunners dream of making all guns illegal came true, how are they going to prevent that? Ban gasoline and lighters? China has had a spate of school stabbing massacres in recent years with many fatalities. Should we ban all knives and axes, as well as all privately-owned firearms? As another example, the deadliest American school attack so far used a bomb. I doubt anyone sane regards school children being stabbed, blown up or burned as an acceptable or preferable alternative to them being shot.

At the time of that bomb attack, there was a whole lot less gun control, so the “easy availability of guns” is apparently not what drives crazy, evil men to do crazy, evil things. Now, one year later, it saddens and shocks me how many people have bought into the lie that cash from “the gun lobby” was the reason this legislation did not pass, and that this legislation would have done anything to make them safer. The “gun lobby” is actually relatively poorly funded. The anti-gunners routinely outspend the “gun lobby”, but it does not help them much, because they lose based on the facts. The reason this legislation failed, is because enough politicians wanted to keep their jobs after the next election. For now, the majority of American voters know bad legislation when they see it.

Those voters also voted with their dollars, and bought every last handgun, rifle, magazine, and round of ammunition they could afford, creating many, many new gun owners in the process. It always warms my heart to see a 60+ year old lady snatching up 300 rounds of .38 Special at Wal-Mart like it’s the last loaf of bread ahead of a snow storm. I see this as a good thing, because being armed and prepared is the real way of protecting yourself and your family. Personal protection is NOT something you can outsource to legislation.

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