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Conversations from the gun counter

January 15, 2014

Me: this is the most 9 mm I’ve seen in this store for a very long time

Clerk: Yes, and there’s more still. That box contains 9 mm NATO, but it’s longer than 9 mm Luger so it may not fit in your clip.

Me: That is not correct. 9 mm NATO has the same length as 9 mm Luger. It’s just slightly more powerful.

Clerk: No it isn’t. It’s longer so it won’t fit your clip.

Me: OK, whatever.


Remember, folks: just because someone works behind the gun counter does not make them an expert on guns. I’ve shot plenty of 9 mm NATO, and it is NOT longer than 9 mm Luger. They have the same case dimensions (9 mm at the mouth and 19 mm long), but a different maximum allowed pressure. 9 mm NATO should only be used in guns that are rated for that higher pressure. Consult the gun’s manual to find out that information.

Oh, and unless you are rapping the correct term is magazine, not clip.

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