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Countering Senate Bill 308

February 12, 2014

Apparently, an anti-gun group is already going around South Carolina trying to scare restaurant owners into putting up signs prohibiting legal concealed carry. Amazing! Why would they be so worried about law abiding citizens who have gone through the proper training, been fingerprinted and background checked, carrying the firearms they spent their own money on while sipping an iced tea at their favorite restaurant? There is simply no data whatsoever to show that this is going to be a problem. This change is not new to America, just new to South Carolina. And long overdue.

There are very few signs that can ward off evil, and the No Concealable Weapons Allowed sign is not one of them. In fact, displaying a NCWA sign does the opposite: it encourages criminals to target that particular location instead of others where they might encounter effective resistance.

There is no legal reason for a property owner to post, so these poor little dears are taking the tack that they won’t “feel safe” when their better-prepared friends and neighbors are enjoying their food while legally carrying. If these poor little dears, who are obviously ill prepared to deal with the realities of life, will just let the better prepared part of society take care of business, we will ALL be safer.

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