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CNN’s take on Charlie Hebdo attack

January 8, 2015

I just checked CNN to see if the perpetrators of yesterday’s attack had been caught yet. I saw this bit of video of some despicable CNN twerp breathlessly reporting on the lack of news from France:

Just listen to the words he uses:

“Bloodshed” instead of terrorist attack

“Gunmen” instead of terrorists

“Killed” instead of murdered

“Executing” instead of murdering

“High caliber weapons” That’s just an idiotic phrase used by journalists who don’t know a Glock from a Hi-Point.

His word choice reveals his worldview that guns are bad, and probably caused this outrage, and the terrorists are really just misunderstood freedom fighters, and he is deliberately trying to use this incident to push for more gun control here in the US by conflating guns with senseless violence against innocents. Well, France has GREAT gun control. Some cops involved in the incident did not even carry guns. And look at where that got them.

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