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Police Reports

June 7, 2009

The Smoking Gun offers us two interesting police reports detailing this case:

MAY 11–Meet Steven Gilmore. The wannabe rapper tried to rob a Florida convenience store Friday night and shot an employee in the head with a BB gun in a bid to establish “street cred” for his nascent hip-hop career. … According to a Gainesville Police Department report, Gilmore, wearing a bandanna over his face and carrying a BB gun, fled empty-handed from the Super Store convenience outlet after struggling with a store clerk over the weapon. During the encounter, the clerk, Dharmedra Patel, was shot in the temple and suffered a laceration and bleeding.

All “street cred” in this case goes to the unarmed stop-n-rob clerk for fighting back against what he believed to be an armed attacker. Note, however, that the clerk was shot in the head when the fight didn’t go his way. Improve your odds by fighting back with an appropriate tool. Carry.

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