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John Farnam Course at MCRC

July 5, 2009

John Farnam, a nationally recognized name in firearm instruction, will be teaching a 21/2-day course at MCRC this October. The class will start at the host motel with a 3-hour lecture on the evening of Friday, October 23. Saturday, October 24, will be a full day of handgun training (8:45 am – 7 pm). Sunday, October 25, will be force-on-force training using airsoft pistols (8:45 am – 5 pm).

High-quality airsoft guns (very different from the spring-pressure airsoft guns sold at big box stores) use compressed gas to propel 6 mm plastic pellets. The chance is good that a gas-powered airsoft version of your current carry gun is available on-line for $100-160. The cost per shot is around 0.25 cents. That means you can launch around 90 of these pellets for the cost of a single 9 mm practice round. That’s some cheap trigger time!

Training for Life, LLC is not affiliated with the organizers of this course. However, graduates of Training for Life courses may be interested in taking this course because it is taught locally, allowing students to spend their money on course fees and gear instead of travel and lodging. The complete course description, provided by the local host, is posted below.


The root word of gun fighting is fighting, not gun

Come and join us as we explore the realities of real combat. Up to now, most of our time on the range was focused on the art of shooting the handgun on a square range. This is a great place to develop the basic gun handling skills necessary to enable you to carry a gun out in society, a 360* world. But how does the 180* square range skills apply to the real 360* world?

We have developed a new course that will enhance your live fire shooting skills on the square range, allowing you to practice these skills till you begin to develop some comfort in handling and shooting the gun. We then start work on the additional skills necessary for you to dominate the fight and emerge victorious on the other side!

How will we do that? We want to bring out the warrior that lies within all of us to emerge and experience the intensity of a real live fight against another, thinking, moving human being. We want to reinforce the winning mindset that says, “I will dominate this fight, destroy my enemy, and emerge victorious!” We will do that by incorporating airsoft guns in a variety of drills resembling the range drills, then escalate the use of the weapons in a variety of scenarios designed to test your decision making and gun fighting skills. We will use a variety of scenarios as depicted in the news today, simple assault to car jacking to an active shooter response. You have some scenario that you want tested? Bring it to us.

How will you do in your next gun fight?

Come train with us and find out.

These are new classes that fill quickly, so be sure to register early to insure your slot!

Class lecture starts promptly at 7:00 PM Friday October 23rd

You will need a serviceable handgun with at least 3 magazines (or speed loaders) and 500 rounds of full power factory ammunition, as well as a sturdy holster, belt and magazine (speed loader) carriers. This is a gun fighting class, so we expect that you will carry your gun concealed. If you are a Police officer, you can take the course with your full duty gear. We require that you have ear and eye protection as well as a baseball type cap to keep hot brass from pummeling you.

We will also be using airsoft guns. We will have some for rental, but you really need to buy your own airsoft gun and gear so that you can practice these skills later. I get my gear from and have been pleased with their quality and service. A full face mask is required. We suggest that you wear long sleeve garments and even gloves.

The cost for this class will be $525.00 plus a $25.00 range fee.

Checks for the full course amount will be accepted by addressing the check to John Farnam and mailing them to my attention at: Richard O. Wright, 905 Ivanhoe Drive, Florence SC 29505

Also, John is now accepting MasterCard, Visa and Discover. To use those to pay, please call me at (843) 673-0854. Note: The full course amount will be billed at that time as John will have no way to collect at the class.

The range fee should be a separate check please and make that out to the Mid Carolina Rifle Club. You can do that when we meet Friday night, Oct. 23.

Motel information and directions to the range will be sent to all participants.

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