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AMOK! in Columbia, SC

February 6, 2011

I’m really, really excited to announce that Tom Sotis is scheduled to come to Columbia on July 23-24 to teach the AMOK system! I’ve been looking around for good knife training for a while now, and Tom is one of the best. 

Just look at that schedule: Amsterdam, Australia, Sweden, Colombia, Norway, Thailand, and Columbia, SC!!!???!!!! One of these is not like the others. 

Many people who carry firearms for self-defense don’t understand the reality of a knife attack. A gun does not necessarily put you in a superior position. Chris Upchurch recently wrote about this on Warriortalk News in an article titled Don’t Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight.   

Tom will be teaching two of his seminars: In-Fight Accessing and Knife vs. Knife. In-Fight Accessing is all about defending yourself against the initial knife attack and creating the time and distance to go for your weapon, whether it is a knife or a gun. All the material in this class is applicable, no matter which sort of weapon you’re carrying. The Knife vs. Knife seminar will make you understand the reality of a knife attack, which is critical to effectively defending against one.   

Whether you’re concerned about facing a knife attack, or about only having a knife to defend yourself in certain situations, you can’t go wrong with this training for only $199! 

Here’s the catch: In order for this seminar to happen, we need people to sign up, soon. Not enough paying students soon enough = no Tom in Columbia, SC. He’ll just go somewhere else instead where people do appreciate his skills. 

So do what I’ve just done, and click on the Buy Now button to the right of the Columbia, SC course here. Then tell your friends to sign up, too.

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