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Why – What – How? The Purpose We Share

February 12, 2011

The world is a complicated place.  And every few years, it is good to refocus and reorient in the event that distractions have taken place.  And, we must admit, that in the past couple of years, we have all had our share of distractions.

What is our purpose? Everyone needs a cause or belief that motivates them and drives them to action.  It is the why of what we all do.  Everyone who is anyone of substance or consequence needs this purpose, otherwise they will stumble through life by accident, like a cow or..dare I say, a sheep.  This is ours.

We believe that every man and woman is free, but with that freedom also comes a great responsibility of self reliance and individuality.  The freedom to fail or to excel.  No earthly authority or government has that responsibility…only you.  While we would like everyone to excel, we cannot stop those who self-select for failure by anything other than example. Our message may inadvertently reach them, but our message is for those who self-select for excellence.  And, since our path is that of martial pursuits, our purpose is to make you, the excellent, as good and dangerous a fighter as possible.  To steal a cliché phrase from the Army, not be the best you can be, but be the most dangerous warrior you can become.

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