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Updated FAQ for Tom Sotis class

February 23, 2011

What are the class times?
SAT 10am-2:30pm & SUN 9am-1:30pm.  We train straight through, no lunch break.

What should I bring?
A Nok training knife if you have one (If you don’t, Tom will provide one)
Eye protection
Gym shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, or wrestling shoes
Forearm padding (your training partner will be banging their own forearms into these during the class, so nothing with hard plastic please; neoprene thigh wraps available from most sporting goods stores are highly recommended for this purpose)
Optional extra: blue gun in your normal carry holster

We will be wearing “normal” CCW clothing and gym shoes, not special martial-arts suits. Be sure to bring a “normal” cover garment for the accessing class. I’m saying “normal”, because this will be a very physical class.  Students will spend the class attacking, and getting attacked, with rubber training knives so it may be a little rough on the clothing.

What is the location?
The class will be at a MMA gym in West Columbia. Venue details will be emailed to registrants. The training floors at the school are hard foam padded so gym shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, wrestling shoes, socked or bare feet will be required to train on them.

Do we have enough students signed up yet?
We are almost there, but not quite yet. If you’ve been meaning to sign up, be sure to do it soon.

How do I sign up?
Sign up through the AMOK site, which uses PayPal as its secure checkout mechanism. The place to sign up is here.

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