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1-day private pre-deployment carbine training course in Sumter, SC

February 18, 2012

Chris Upchurch and I are in the process of setting up a private 1-day carbine course focusing on the M16/M4 system for some service members who will soon be deployed overseas and want to brush up on their skills before they go.

The course will be on Monday, March 19 in the Sumter, SC area, and was tailored specifically for the target audience, incorporating material from various Suarez International carbine classes. Among other things, we will cover the zeroing process, shooting from various positions, proactive and reactive reloads, AR/M4 carbine maintenance, clearing malfunctions, cover and concealment, dealing with close range emergencies, and Foreign Weapons Familiarization (AK).

Given the amount of material on the schedule, the maximum number of students in the class is 5. All students should bring an AR/M4 style carbine and all of the usual support gear for a 1-day carbine class. The round count will be 250-300 rounds.

At the moment, only the 2 students who initially asked for the course signed up for it. They offered this opportunity to other folks in their unit, but apparently it’s more attractive to complain about lack of training than to actually do something about it! The total fee for a private class like this is fixed, so the more students we have the less each one will have to pay.  We’d like to get 5 people signed up to lower the cost per-student and train as many students in these vital skills as possible, so we are spreading the word. If we get 5 students, the course fee will be $240/student.  If we get fewer, the course fee will be somewhat higher.

If you want in on this course, please email me at If you know someone who may want in on this course, please spread the word.

Until March 1, the three remaining slots are open to service members only, with a waiting list for everyone else. After March 1, we’ll open it up to everyone, starting with the students already on the waiting list.


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