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Armed with a pocket knife during the LA riots

December 24, 2012

Learn from the past, or you are doomed to repeat it.

I see it happening. A classic shot unwinding in slow motion: the mob swarms towards the DGA building, towards us: a thick wave of fury marching with a terrible velocity towards this cocoon of—there’s no way around this—Hollywood liberals.

Sheesh, talk about a target-rich environment.

It’s almost funny.

Here we are, inside, raising funds for inner city youth, and —

— and the inner city youth are outside trying to get in.

Not, mind you, to express their ever-lasting appreciation for our spectacular generosity. Nope, hard as it is to believe, but it looks as if the objects of our charity would like to lynch us.

Or maybe burn us to death.

Almost funny. But not quite.

People who deny the existence of evil, despite all the evidence to the contrary, are often its first victims. Sadly, it usually takes a personal experience to get them to pull their head out of the sand:

If the Los Angeles riots taught us anything, it’s that you’re a fool if you count on the authorities to protect you in times of civil chaos — in fact, at any time. In the end, only I can protect my family.

Read the whole story here.

I guess it all comes down to this: if you choose to be defenseless in the face of evil, that’s fine by me. Really. It’s your life. You can make it a success or an utter failure. The choice is yours. Just don’t require me to share your fate.

h/t to LawDog.

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