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Some good questions

December 24, 2012

LawDog asks some good questions:

How would taking my guns away from me have stopped what happened in Connecticut? I’m not talking generalities here; I’m not speaking about large groups of Americans — I’m speaking about me, myself — in person and specifically. If you were somehow able to go back in time to last week and seize all of my guns — how would that have stopped what happened? All right, I’ll go you one better: suppose you could have seized all of my guns and all of Phlegmmy’s, too. How would taking every gun in my house have stopped what happened in Connecticut? How would taking all of mine and Phlegmmy’s guns have prevented that tragedy? Now. Do you honestly believe that my name will ever come up as a mass murderer at a school in the future? So why do you want to take my guns?

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