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Nanny cam home invasion suspect caught

June 29, 2013

The robber broke into the woman’s home, tackled her, knocked her senseless in front of her toddler and stole her wedding ring.

And a “nanny” camera filmed every stomach-turning moment of the attack.

Armed with the crucial video evidence, authorities say they identified the brute as ex-con Shawn Custis, 42, and nabbed him in Manhattan Friday, hours after an old mug shot was released to the media.

You can read the whole story, including the video here.

A couple of comments….

Some people think “this can’t happen to me.” But it happened to this mother.

Some people see a problem with owning guns when they have kids, sometimes getting rid of them altogether. I think having kids gives you more reason to have guns and know how to use them, because you have more to protect.

The suspect is a frequent flyer in the justice system. This is normal. The justice system in this country can NOT protect you from criminals.

I have a better plan than silently taking the beating for this kind of eventuality. Do you?

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