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The Zimmerman video

June 30, 2013

In this video, which was just released, George Zimmerman re-enacts the shooting for Sanford Police. Watch and learn.

Have you watched it? Good, let’s discuss…

First of all, there are two new elements that were NOT brought up in the shameful media coverage of this event:

  1. Zimmerman did not leave his car to follow a man he suspected to be a criminal. Instead, he left his car to look for a street sign so the police would know where to go.
  2. During the assault, the criminal who was assaulting Zimmerman reached for Zimmerman’s gun and said “You’re going to die tonight, m#########er!”

Please note that despite fully cooperating with the police, Zimmerman was still arrested and charged. Also note the large band-aids on the back of his head. There are many lessons that can be learned from this event, including how NOT to handle the aftermath of a shooting.


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