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Judge Felon’s Friend

August 26, 2013

Here’s a nugget from the Charleston Post & Courier in an article trying to defend Judge Thomas “Felon’s Friend” Hughston:

So, in most cases, Hughston offers advice to criminals, as he did recently with a man who pleaded guilty to having a gun during a traffic stop.

“What I keep telling people like you is if you think you’re going to go somewhere where you think you may need a pistol, don’t go,” Hughston said, shaking his head. “Stay home. Go to the picture show. Go play basketball or baseball.”

And with that, he let the man go free.

Nice! There is nothing illegal about having a gun in your car during a traffic stop, as long as it is in one of the legally approved locations in your car. The fact that “pleaded guilty to having a gun during a traffic stop” leads me to believe this was probably a felon with a gun. And this judge just let him go?????? No wonder Charleston Thug life has given him the Felon’s Friend moniker.

But wait! There’s more:

Hughston, 70, placed more than twice as many offenders on probation than he sent to prison, nearly half of all his cases.

So if you plead guilty, and Judge Felon’s Friend is in charge of sentencing you, you have a better chance of remaining a free man than of going to prison for your crimes. Too bad this has NO positive influence on crime rates or law-abiding citizens at all.

With each case, Hughston said, he tries to learn as much as he can about the players involved, the lives they have led and what led them to his courtroom so he can impose a sentence that he considers meaningful and fair.

“The most important thing that a decision-maker can do, a judge can do, is to ask the right question,” he said. “Through those questions you create the scene of the crime.”

So if you have a sob story, your chances are even better that you’ll be let off. Again: Too bad this has NO positive influence on crime rates or law-abiding citizens at all.

Read Charleston Thuglife to get a feel for the people Jude Felon’s Friend is letting off so easily.

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