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Murderers of 88-year old veteran caught

August 28, 2013

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

Glenn faces a first-degree murder charge and one count of robbery. The local station KHQ reported that he will be tried as an adult.

The teen has an extensive juvenile criminal history, which includes malicious mischief, fourth-degree assault, driving without a license and riot with a deadly weapon charges.

Adams-Kinard also has had a few run-ins with the law, The Spokesman Review reported. He was convicted of third-degree theft and fourth-degree assault in June.

Why am I not surprised? I guess Spokane, WA also has its Felon’s Friend judges.

For someone to survive fighting the Japanese on the beaches of Okinawa, and then to be beaten to death by to young thugs in some American parking lot does not seem right at all. Sadly, neither thug will face the death penalty.




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