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Now is the time to buy!

January 5, 2014

I was at Palmetto State Armory the other day, and their shelves were once again fully filled for the first time in a year. They had a Kriss rifle AND a Kriss pistol, an ultra-rare Steyr AUG A3 NATO, two POFs, an ultra-rare Keltec KSG, a SIG 556R SWAT, a SIG 556 pistol, a SIG 716, etc, etc. What’s more, when I returned a few days later, all of those guns were still there! So NOW is the time to buy. Don’t wait for the next panic to start. Buy now. 

Here are a few good items to start your own personal shopping spree with….

.38 Special +P DPX ammoThis is quite possibly the best .38 Special ammo on the market, and I think the price is really good for what it is. I’d buy every available box of it myself, but my .38 Special J-frame revolver is older and cannot use +P ammo 😦

The best AR magazines on the market. These were either unavailable or going for $25 each 12 months ago. Now you can have as many as you want for only $12 each.

Steyr AUG A3. This rifle is already banned in multiple states because it’s Just Too Scary. Comes with five 30 round magazines and five 42 round magazines for extra scariness.

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