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Know who you open the door for

January 18, 2014

This story does not start out well for the good guys:

Trooper Mark Mulvey said Braman tried to close the door when he realized Muchanic was wearing a ski mask. State police said Muchanic then forced his way into the home and began assaulting Braman and knocking him to the ground.

Fortunately, the good guy had thought to bring his .357 Magnum:

Braman fired three shots at Muchanic and hit him once in the groin.

Ouch! I’m not sure prison time would be necessary in this case. A .357 bullet to the groin should be enough to convince anyone that home invasions are Not Nice.

The ploy to get inside the home was the old “my car has broken down and I need to use your phone” story. I’m amazed that criminals are still using that in this age of cell phones.

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